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Product Description

W-Base Retainers are an innovative alternative to multi-component plastic fasteners. An expansive range of clip designs, styles and colors makes this retainer highly versatile for a wide range of applications in many industries.

Features & Benefits
  • Seal option prevents intrusion of moisture, noise & vapors
  • Hidden Exterior Trim Fastener
  • Provide Low Ergonomic Installation Forces
  • Creates Constant Clamping Forces Resulting In Zero Molding Gaps
  • Accommodates For Thermal Expansion
  • Takes Up Molding and Assembly Variation
  • Can Be Utilized As Net Locator
  • Serviceability potential
  • POA
  • Reduces part numbers to manufacturing facility
  • Some w-base retainers may be removable

Materials: Nylon 6/6, Acetal
Hole Size: 4.75 and up
Panel Thickness: 0.8 mm and Up

W-Base Retainers are strong, tight-fitting, easy to assemble, and manufactured with tough material to meet your application requirements. Please contact EFC International at 1-800-888-3326 for more information.

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EFC Part Number Hole/Slot DiameterMolding Flange ThicknessPanel ThicknessInsertion Force (Max)Extraction Force (Min)OEM Part Number
08S00006-POM039.11.5-2.50.9518 LB75 LB-
08800589-POM026.50.7 - 0.818 LB11610700
08800582-POM025 X 12 Slot-2.510 LB40 LBW716460-S500
08800550-POM119.02.50.816 LB50 LB11571175
08S00012-POM29.02.50.810 LB50 LB-
08800607-979.0 +/- .121.010 LBW716497

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