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NUTS - Self Retaining Multi-Thread KTO U-Nut M6 Wide Panel Range

Product Description

Multi-thread M6 KTO U-Nuts with Prevailing Torque fit panels ranging from .5mm to 4.0mm thick. KTO U-Nuts provide high strength, low cost panel retention and single-wrench tightening of thread assemblies.

Features & Benefits
  • Fits a large range of panel thickness
  • Ergonomically friendly installation
  • Threaded barrel always stays perpendicular to panel
  • Property Class 8 threaded barrels
  • Available with or without prevailing torque
  • Supplied in PS5873L finish that is suited to interior/exterior automotive environments, with other finishes available on request
  • Minimizes scratches on painted panels
  • Minimizes distortions to plastic panels
  • Minimizes gap required between mating panels
Note:Dimensions listed for this part are as punched in blank before forming.

For more information, please contact an EFC Representative at 1-800-888-3326.

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EFC Part Number Thread SizeThread PitchPanel RangeThroat DepthOAL Width (min-max)Panel HoleProof Load (kN)Stock Thickness (min)OEM Reference
02P800150-115M5.80.50 - 4.013.515.0-16.08.5512.78.7006105240AA
02P800155-115M5.80.50 - 4.013.515.0-16.08.5512.78.7006105239AA
02P800153-115M61.00.50 - 4.013.518.0-19.010.1518.09.8006105242AA
02P800156-115M61.00.50 - 4.013.518.0-19.010.1518.09.8006105241AA
02P800157-115M81.25.50 - 4.014.519.0-20.011.5532.941.0006105244AA
02P800158-115M81.25.50 - 4.014.519.0-20.011.5532.941.0006105243AA

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