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Product Description

Plastic Expansion Nuts are rugged nylon fasteners for applications where metal to metal contact is not desired. Insertion versus retention ratio is not as high as metal expansion nuts; however, screw threads are protected from corrosion or galvanic action because they are completely enclosed in plastic. This also eliminates the danger of wire chafing or scratching on sharp screw cutting edges. Ideal for front-mounted attachments, they are self-retaining and easy to apply. These expansion nuts use No. 8 or No.10 sheet metal screws, and resist pull up to 200 pounds.

Features & Benefits
  • Insulating qualities for electrical and thermal applications
  • protect screw threads from corrosion
  • fast and easy to apply
  • self-retaining in screw receiving position
  • fastener expands to seal the hole from moisture and dirt

Applications: mounting automotive head lamp housing, assembling oven head damper and stove sections, industrial electronics assembly, and many more.

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EFC Part Number Screw SizePanel ThicknessHole WidthHole LengthHeightHead HeightHead TypeDesign Variation
70002489#8 or #10.076 - .020.281 - .2500.2660.481.437RoundStandard
70002550#8 or #10.076 - .020.281 - .2500.2660.565.125RoundC
70002483#8 or #10.076 - .020.281 - .2500.2660.471.031SquareStandard
70002514#8 or #10.076 - .020.281 - .2650.2660.471.031SquareA
01C61374AA250-NPF#8 or #10.076 - .020.281 - .2500.2660.69.250RoundE
70002487#8 or #10.076 - .020.281 - .2500.2660.565.125RoundStandard
01C61408AA125-NPF#8 or #10.076 - .020.281 - .2500.2660.565.125RoundD

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