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BOLT RETAINERS – Self-Locking, Single Thread W-Type

Product Description

Single-Thread Engaging Self-Locking W-Type Bolt Retainers provide a dual locking action where an inward thread lock combines with an arched spring lock to ensure strong and reliable holding power.

Available in a wide range of standard and custom variations, these W-Type Bolt Retainers work with all major screw types and sizes.

Features & Benefits

Made from heat-treated high carbon spring steel, these versatile fasteners:

  • Offer easier handling and faster application.
  • Eliminate the need for lockwashers, spanner washers, or other loose pieces.
  • Resist loosening from vibration.
  • Will not freeze" to threads or clog with paint.
  • Provide maximum fastening power with minimal installation torque required.
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EFC Part Number Thread SizeDIAMETER/LENGTHWidthHeightMaterial ThicknessDesign VariationMaterial
01005034-24Q6-32.350.281.120.017-High Carbon Spring Steel
01C632538163/8-161.020.880.240.028EHigh Carbon Spring Steel
01C70618SS03110T.160----Stainless Steel
01C6325SS14201/4-201.010.880.240.025EStainless Steel
01C2218A8A.340.280.130.025Std.High Carbon Spring Steel
01072025-24Q1/4-20.964.875-.025-High Carbon Spring Steel
01DCS2318-32.750.375.150.017-High Carbon Spring Steel
01C70633SS0316T-----Stainless Steel
01C2246326-32.350.280.120.017Std.High Carbon Spring Steel
01C18904Z4B.350.280.120.020Std.High Carbon Spring Steel
01C632556185/16-181.020.880.240.028EHigh Carbon Spring Steel
01C335102410-24.670.440.110.022CHigh Carbon Spring Steel
01C87800171/4-20.750.630.320.017CHigh Carbon Spring Steel
01DCS5858-32.750.375.150.017-High Carbon Spring Steel
01C49325SS0316-20(B).170----Stainless Steel
01C2246Z6B.350.280.120.022Std.High Carbon Spring Steel
01DCS2376A.370.280.115.022-High Carbon Spring Steel
01072029-01Q3/8-16.964.875-.028-High Carbon Spring Steel
01C45880SS10Z10B.170----Stainless Steel
01C632514201/4-201.010.880.240.025EHigh Carbon Spring Steel
01C2218328-32.340.280.120.017Std.High Carbon Spring Steel
01D069578328-32.750.375.150.017-High Carbon Spring Steel
01C64396Z6B.360.280.120.022Std.High Carbon Spring Steel

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