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BOLT RETAINERS - Single Thread, Anchor Type

Product Description

Single Thread Anchor-Type Bolt Retainers provide the most practical way to fasten access or inspection plates, doors, panels, or any other part that must be secured in a blind location. Firm, vibration-proof attachments can be made quickly and simply, yet are easily removed as needed.

Features & Benefits

Anchor Type Bolt Retainers are riveted or spot-welded in the screw-receiving position for positive retention. These lightweight, high-strength fasteners are available in a wide range of types and sizes to meet every assembly requirement.

Materials: Heat treated Spring Steel is standard, optional Stainless Steel may be available.
Finish: A variety of finishes are available.
Please contact your EFC International Representative for more information.

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EFC Part Number Thread SizeHole DiameterMaterial ThicknessDesign VariationMaterial
01C61918Z8B.105.028StandardSpring Steel
01C61918328-32.105.017StandardSpring Steel
01C61916Z6B.105.025StandardSpring Steel
01C61916324B.105.017StandardSpring Steel
01C857910Z10B.135.031StandardSpring Steel
01C8579102410-24.135.025StandardSpring Steel
01C061958Z8B.105.028ASpring Steel
01C85798328-32.135.017StandardSpring Steel
01C61956Z6B.105.025ASpring Steel
01C85796324B.135.017StandardSpring Steel
01C6192SS10Z10B-.031BStainless Steel
01C6192SS102410-24-.022BStainless Steel
01C85798Z8B.135.028StandardSpring Steel
01C61928328-32-.017BSpring Steel
01C85796Z6B.135.025StandardSpring Steel
01C61914Z4B.105.020StandardSpring Steel
01C619110Z10B.105.031StandardSpring Steel
01C6192SS8Z8B-.028BStainless Steel

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