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BOLT RETAINERS – Threaded, Tandem-Type

Product Description

Tandem-Type Bolt Retainers save assembly time and cost by eliminating lost motion in selecting and applying fasteners in a manufacturing line or where numerous fastening locations occur on a single assembly.

Features & Benefits

These bolt retainers consist of strips or coils of standard Flat Type Bolt Retainers and a partial shear between each fastener. With strip in hand, the operator makes one attachment, then easily snaps the strip free of the tightened fastener and quickly positions the next retainer in screw-receiving position. This also eliminates fastener waste to further reducing manufacturing costs.

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EFC Part Number Thread SizeLengthWidthMaterial ThicknessNumber of BoltsPer Strip or Coil
01C780080008A or 8B.500.380.0287,500COIL
01C78008328 - 32.490.340.01739STRIP
01C78006320006 - 32.440.310.01714,000COIL
01C780014201/4 - 20.850.630.02521STRIP
01C78001000010A or 10B.740.500.0314,700COIL
01C7800102410 - 24.610.380.02236STRIP
01C78008320008 - 32.490.340.01711,500COIL
01C780066A or 6B.440.310.02543STRIP
01C780014200001/4 - 20.850.630.0253,800COIL
01C7800102400010 - 24.610.380.0229,000COIL
01C780088A or 8B.500.380.02839STRIP
01C780060006A or 6B.440.310.02510,500COIL
01C78006326 - 32.440.310.01743STRIP
01C78001010A or 10B.740.500.03127STRIP

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