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BOLT RETAINERS – Threaded, Tubular Type

Product Description

Tubular Type Bolt Retainers team up with threaded studs or rivets to virtually "nail" assemblies together. These clips are ideal for making fast, practical attachments where only one side of an assembly is accessible. They are perfect for attaching name plates, instruction plates, grille work, decorative trim, knobs, insulation dust shields and other lightweight equipment.

Features & Benefits

Hand-snapped into punched or molded holes in metal, plastic or wood, Tubular Type Bolt Retainers stay in the stud-receiving position. The mating panel is positioned with mounting studs properly aligned and pressed home to complete the assembly.

Materials: Heat treated Spring Steel is standard. May be available in Stainless Steel, Beryllium Copper, Phosphor Bronze or Brass.
Finish: A variety of finishes are available.
For more information, please contact your EFC International Representative.

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EFC Part Number Panel RangeHole DiameterMaterial ThicknessDiameterHeightTABHOLE SLOTCOLLAR IDTab (B)
01279031-03Q.094 - .108.665.014.780.350.120.487.640.120
01C49256110.110 - .130.540.014.660.330.070.425.500.160
01C57768043M3.81 - 4.22-.43------
01C56388180M1.80 - 2.1016.89.4319.8114.003.0512.3716.263.00
01C49256082.082 - .098.540.014.660.330.070.425.500.160
01C33966305M8.80 - 9.20--------
01C56388240M2.40 - 2.8016.89.4319.8114.003.0512.3716.263.00
01C50849082.082 - .098.665.014.780.350.120.487.640.120

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