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LOCKNUTS® - Capped Washer Type DE & DL

Product Description

Capped Washer-Type Lock Nuts combine the functionality of a hex nut, lock washer and flat washer for reduced cost and installation time. The washer base can cover larger clearance holes, and the locking design prevents back-off from vibration and thermal stress.

Features & Benefits

Parts featured on this page are style DE & DL. These are capped, or “hat-type” lock nuts.

Material: Spring Steel
Finishes and Colors: Various available.
Please contact an EFC International Representative for more information.

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EFC Part Number ThreadHEX WIDTHHeightFinish
02P012383-03Q3/8-321/2.155Mech Zinc
02P604026-00Q1/8-27 NPS9/16.188Plain
02P604006-03Q8-3211/32.159Mech Zinc
02P604040-03Q3/8-321/2.155Mech Zinc
02P604026-06Q1/8-27 NPS9/16.188Mech Zinc
02P604011-06Q10-323/8.164Elec Zinc
02P012383-01Q3/8-321/2.155Phos & Oil
02P604013-06Q10-323/8.166Elec Zinc

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