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NUTS - Stamped Washer Type Lock Nuts - Self-Locking Hex

Product Description

Stamped Washer Type Lock Nuts are self-locking and provide a base that can cover larger clearance holes without the use of a separate loose washer. They combine the functionality of a hex nut, lock washer and flat washer to prevent back-off from vibration and thermal stress. Sealants can be applied for reduced moisture and noise intrusion.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces cost - no need to use a loose washer.
  • Reduces Assembly Time - fast, easy installation.
  • Design Variations - meet most applications.
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NUTS - Stamped Washer Type Lock Nuts - Self-Locking Hex
EFC Part Number Screw SizeDriveHeightDiameterMaterial ThicknessDesign VariationFinish
02P604013-03Q10-323/8.218.50Mech Zinc
02P689016-04QM3.5 X .695.65120.360CMech Zinc
02P604008-11Q8-3211/32.212.3680.014CNickel Elec
02PDO051614-NPFM5 X 1.6106.40014.0000.460C-
02P604008-01Q8-3211/32.212.4680.014CPhos & Oil
02P604029-03Q1/4-207/16.276.687--Mech Zinc
700067336-325/16.204.4370.014CMech Zinc
02P604028-01Q1/4-207/16.261.5930.020CPhos & Oil
02PDZ002191-NPF6-18; 6-2011/320.2120.4690.014B-
02P604017-03Q10-243/8.231.500.017CMech Zinc
02PDO060024-NPFM6 X 1.0117.7524.00.460C-
02P604014-06Q10-323/8.239.625Electro Zinc/Trivalent Chrome
70006729M4 X .7105.79140.380CMech Zinc
02P604010-01Q8-3211/32.234.6250.015CPhos & Oil
700067325/16-181/2.299.812--Mech Zinc
02PDO051619-NPFM5 X 1.6107.35018.8800.430C-
02P604008-03Q8-3211/32.212.4680.014CMech Zinc
02P604030-03Q1/4-207/16.292.8120.020CMech Zinc
02P604002-06Q6-325/16.204.4370.014CElectro Zinc/Trivalent Chrome
02P604028-03Q1/4-207/16.261.5930.020CMech Zinc
02PDZ002171-NPFM6 X 1.0116.86021.00.460D-
02P604019-03Q10-243/8.249.625--Mech Zinc
02PDFOW060024-NPFM6 X 1.0117.7524.00.460E-
7000673010-243/8.231.500.017CPhos & Oil
02P689026-09QM5 X .8116.7518-EDacromet
02P604010-03Q8-3211/32.234.6250.015CMech Zinc
700088245/16-181/2.299.812--Mech Zinc
70006726M5 X .8115.9514.00.38EMech Zinc
02P604008-06Q8-3211/32.212.4680.014CElectro Zinc/Trivalent Chrome
02P604032-03Q1/4-207/16.3201--Mech Zinc
02PDZ051612-NPFM5 X 1.6116.85021.00.460D-
02P604003-03Q6-325/16.212.531Mech Zinc
02P604028-06Q1/4-207/16.261.5930.020CElectro Zinc/Trivalent Chrome
02P604021-03Q10-243/8.269.750.017CMech Zinc
02P689026-206M5 X .8116.7518-EEcoat

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