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PUSH-ONS - Stud, Rod, Wire and Shaft Retainers, Assorted Styles

Product Description

Push-ons also known as shaft retainers, are self-threading and self-locking fasteners with inner teeth that slide over a non-threaded stud to secure two panels together. They greatly reduce installation costs and problems associated with cross-threading. Push-ons have prevailing torques that provide excellent resistance to vibration, and can simplify your designs. Available in standard and metric sizes with 6 to 8 inner teeth plus a variety of materials and finishes, these Push-ons can accommodate larger studs and reduce insertion efforts.

Features & Benefits
  • Reduces Cost - Eliminates secondary operations like notching, threading and drilling
  • Fast Assembly - Simply push on to apply
  • Knock-Down - Products are applicable
  • Maximum Holding Power - Eliminates warranty issues caused by vibration loosening
  • No Tools Required
  • One-part, Low-Profile Design - Reduces inventory, Easily fits small mechanical and electrical applications
Push-ons require shaft hardness maximum of 30T-78. Shaft materials must be appreciably softer than the retainers. For best results, shaft should have lead-in chamfer. Please consult with an EFC representative for details.
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PUSH-ONS - Stud, Rod, Wire and Shaft Retainers, Assorted Styles
EFC Part Number Stud SizeStud DiameterPart DiameterMaterial Thickness# of ProngsFinishOEM Part Number
70006755M44.011.10.258Phos & Oil-
02P616004-03Q1/80.128 / 0.1220.3750.0146Mech. Zinc-
02P616010-47/320.222 / 0.2160.5310.0128Phos & Oil-
02P616023-03Q3/80.378 / 0.3720.750.0178Mech. Zinc Plain-
02PPS2500751/40.253 / 0.2470.5310.0168--
02P616003-03Q1/80.128 / 0.1220.3750.0096Mech. Zinc Plain-
02P616009-2143/160.191 / 0.1850.4370.0148Mech. Zinc Plain-
02P616018-03Q5/16-M80.316 / 0.310.6250.0158Mech. Zinc-
02P800089-03Q1/40.253 / 0.2470.5310.0128Mech. Zinc-
02P800143-03QM3. Zinc-
02P616001-03Q1/160.065 / 0.0600.1950.016Mech. Zinc-
02P616008-033/160.191 / 0.1850.4370.018Mech. Zinc Plain-
02P689061-137M1010.05 / 9.92190.688Geomet-
02P800008-107M55.011.10.258Black Oxide & Oil-
02P689086-04QM66.050 / 5.92013.50.258Mech. Zinc Yellow Chromate-
02P616007-01Q5/32-M40.158 / 0.1530.4370.0148Phos & Oil-
02P616015-03Q1/40.253 / 0.2470.5310.0178Mech. Zinc-
02P616035-04Q1/80.128 / 0.1220.3750.0176Mech. Zinc Yellow Chromate-
02P692015-01QM88.015.90.518Phos & Oil-
02P616005-15Q1/80.1250.250.0126Copper Flash-
02P616014-01Q1/40.253 / 0.2470.5310.0128Mech. Zinc-
02P616032-01Q1/20.503 / 0.49710.0358Phos & Oil-
70006756M66.015.90.518Phos & Oil-
02P616004-1681/80.128 / 0.1220.3750.0146Mech. Zinc Trivalent-
02P616011-03Q7/320.222 / 0.2160.5310.0168Mech. Zinc-
02P616024-03Q3/80.378 / 0.3720.750.0268Mech. Zinc-
02P689124-03QM66.05 / 5.9213.50.418Mech. Zinc-
02P616003-191/80.128 / 0.1220.3750.0096Stainless Steel-
02P616009-FD20Q3/160.191 / 0.1850.4370.0148Mech. Zinc Trivalent Chromate-
02P616019-01Q5/16-M80.316 / 0.310.6250.028Phos & Oil-
02P800135-01M1212.05 / 11.9222.10.868Phos & Oil-
70006761M88.015.90.388Mech. Zinc Plain-
02P616002-01Q3/320.097 / 0.0910.1950.016Phos & Oil-
02P616009-033/160.191 / 0.1850.4370.0148Mech. Zinc-
02P689061-160M1010.05 / 9.92190.688Mech Zinc & Paint-
02P800008-19QM55.011.10.258Stainless Steel-
02616038-035/160.3160.6250.0148Mech. Zinc-
02P616007-03Q5/32-M40.158 / 0.1530.4370.0148Mech. Zinc Plain-
02P616015-19Q1/40.253 / 0.2470.5310.0178Stainless Steel-
02P689061-00M1010.05 / 9.92190.688Plain-
02P692018-03QM55.011.10.368Mech. Zinc-
02P616006-01Q5/32-M40.158 / 0.1530.4370.018Phos & Oil-
02P616014-03Q1/40.253 / 0.2470.5310.0128Mech. Zinc Plain-
02P616032-03Q1/20.503 / 0.49710.0358Mech. Zinc-
02P689066-01QM55.011.10.368Phos & Oil-
02P616004-FD20Q1/80.128 / 0.1220.3750.0146Mech. Zinc Trivalent Chromate-
02P616012-01Q0.2370.1250.250.0128Phos & Oil-
02P616027-03Q7/160.441 / 0.4360.8750.038Mech. Zinc-
02P800143-FD20M3. Zinc Trivalent Chromate11561238
02P616004-01Q1/80.128 / 0.1220.3750.0146Phos & Oil-
02P616010-03Q7/320.222 / 0.2160.5310.0128Mech. Zinc Plain-
02P616019-03Q5/16-M80.316 / 0.310.6250.028Mech. Zinc-
02P9692017-01QM55.011.10.258Phos & Oil-
02P616003-01Q1/80.128 / 0.1220.3750.0096Phos & Oil-
02P616009-193/160.191 / 0.1850.4370.0148Stainless Steel-
02P616015-F2141/40.253 / 0.2470.5310.0178Mech. Zinc Plain-
02P692017-01QM1010.05 / 9.92190.388Phos & Oil11501927
02P800008-FD20QM53.29.50.258Mech. Zinc Trivalent Chromate-
02P516001-01Q1/160.065 / 0.0600.1950.016Phos & Oil-
02P616008-01Q3/160.191 / 0.1850.4370.018Phos & Oil-
02P689061-01QM1010.05 / 9.92190.688Phos & OilW623465
02P800003-01QM88.015.90.388Phos & Oil-
02P616006-03Q5/32-M40.158 / 0.1530.4370.018Mech. Zinc-
02P616015-01Q1/40.253 / 0.2470.5310.0178Phos & Oil-
02P616034-01Q5/80.628 / 0.62210.0168Phos & Oil-
02P692016-01QM44.011.10.368Phos & Oil11501937
02P616005-01Q1/80.1250.250.0126Phos & Oil-
02P616013-03Q0.240.2400.5310.0168Mech. Zinc-

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