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NUTS - SELF-LOCKING - Stamped Self-Threading Hex

Product Description

Stamped Self-Threading Hex Nuts are turned onto non-threaded projections or studs. These fasteners eliminate the cost of cutting threads and cross-threading problems. Self-threading nuts permit simpler, more economical and ultimately better designs.

Features & Benefits
  • Low height, small exterior dimensions allow use where space is limited
  • No binding from dirt, no damaged threads
  • Material is displaced without making swarf
  • Prevailing torque provides excellent vibration resistance

Stud materials, which must be appreciably softer than that of the fasteners, include die cast zinc, aluminum, molded plastics, steel and brass.

*Note: Assembly efficiency depends on adherence to stud specifications. Please contact your EFC Engineering representative directly for details.

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EFC Part Number Stud SizeDriveHeightMaterial ThicknessFinishOEM Part Number
02P11007-31835/3211/320.1100.016Zinc Nickel Clear-
02P611004-01Q1/85/160.1000.017Phos & Oil-
02P611013-04Q3/811/160.1660.026Mech Zinc Yellow Chromate-
02P611001-01Q3/325/160.1000.017Phos & Oil-
02P611012-011/41/20.1400.025Phos & Oil-
02P611009-03Q3/163/80.1160.019Mech Zinc-
02P611006-03Q0.14811/320.1100.017Mech Zinc-
02P800184-00M6.3M133.4000.640Plain & Oil11503417
02P611004-03Q1/85/160.1000.017Mech Zinc-
02P611002-01Q1/81/40.0880.014Phos & Oil-
02P611012-03Q1/41/20.1400.025Mech Zinc-
02P611011-06Q7/327/160.1180.016Elec Zinc-
02P11007-03Q5/3211/320.1100.016Mech Zinc-
02P800184-598M6.3M133.4000.640Mechanical Zinc-
02P611004-061/85/160.1000.017Zinc Triv-
02P622209-03QM3M82.6500.410Mech Zinc-
02P611002-06Q1/81/40.0880.014Zinc Triv-
02P611013-03Q3/811/160.1660.026Mech Zinc-
02P689110-03Q7/327/160.1180.016Mech Zinc-

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