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Product Description

ITW Shakeproof's SINULOC™ MACHINE SCREW is a reusable thread forming specialty machine screw with locking threads. It is designed to provide a lifetime fit in metal applications without the use of additional costly elements such as nylon patches or prevailing torque nuts. These screws have a precision, downward curve added along the helix of the screw thread throughout the body of their screw thread. This unique design provides the exact position, pressure and control necessary to create enough prevailing torque for a lifetime fit within the joint. These screws will withstand vibration, temperature fluctuations, and loss of clamp load, and are reusable with no loss in performance.

Features & Benefits
  • Joint Tension anywhere along body of the screw threads
  • Locking Threads save steps, time and money
  • Unique thread geometries created by ITW's Wercs™ Technology
  • Secure long-term fit in metal applications
  • Does not require an additional element to keep it securely in place
  • Use on standard tapped holes
  • Easy insertion and removal with no damage to the locking feature or the mating female threads
  • Reusable with full performance
Available in standard machine screw sizes – For more information, please click here to email your inquiry or contact EFC International at 1-800-888-3326.

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EFC Part Number Thread SizeThread LengthMaterialFinish
24A000312-3021/4-20.625Stainless SteelPassivated

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