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Bolts for Plastic - Pushtite®

Product Description

The unique thread profile of Pushtite® fasteners allows these thread forming screws to be simply pressed into place, virtually eliminating strip-out during initial assembly and providing high pull-out strength. Their tri-roundular shape minimizes stress on the boss. They are available in diameters ranging from M0.82 to M8.51 (#000 to 5/16").

Features & Benefits
  • Can be removed and reinserted or made tamper resistant if needed
    • Available with or without drive system
  • Can be gang-driven, which can cut costs
  • Allows displaced air to escape during insertion to prevent pneumatic failure of boss
  • Presses into place
  • Resists pull-out
  • Reduces strip-out
  • Speeds assembly operations
  • Reduces boss failure
These parts are available in all Standard Cold-Headed materials.
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